5 Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Space This Winter

  • Denise Graves
  • 12/26/19

In South Texas, Winter Is Prime Time to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

One of the most attractive aspects of living in San Antonio or the surrounding Hill Country is the weather—particularly in the spring and fall. Warm, breezy days and temperate, comfortable nights let you make the most of your backyard, patio, or balcony spaces.
But don't overlook winter.
Yes, winter.
You don’t have to abandon your outdoor oasis because of shorter days and colder nights. Just a few tweaks to your favorite backyard areas will transform them into social centerpieces or relaxing retreats for the holidays, New Year, and beyond.
Let's explore five ways to enjoy your outdoor space this winter.

Light a Fire, Part I

Okay, so this one might be a bit obvious, but never underestimate the enjoyment an outdoor fire pit can bring to your patio. Even a small fire pit with a low flame can warm up the coldest of sitting areas. That same fire—traditional wood-burning or gas-fueled—will also add a ton of ambiance. Don't have the room for a full flame? Heat lamps produce plenty of low-maintenance warmth.

Toasty Textiles

If a fire pit or heat lamp isn't an option for warming your patio or balcony areas, textiles will do just the trick. Blankets are, of course, the most obvious choice to keep you comfy in the crisp winter air, but other accents will make a difference too. Rugs underneath your sitting areas will insulate you from cold concrete or tile, and outdoor curtains keep chilly winds at bay.

Light a Fire, Part II

When the summer sun gives way to shorter winter days, barbecue grills often head into hibernation. Give your grill life beyond the traditional grilling season by hosting an outdoor dinner. The holidays are the perfect time to cook and serve a meal straight from the grill. Also, the ambient heat will help maintain a comfortable temperature for your outdoor dining space. 

Extend Your Holiday Decor

Lights on the front of the house. Inflatable snowman in the yard. Maybe a Santa glowing atop your roof. Now, what about the backyard? Often an afterthought in holiday decor, your backyard space rarely receives the same holiday cheer as the front of your home. But those decorations don’t need to be exclusive to your home's facade. Garland and colored lights will bring joy to any pergola. Small accents, like a lighted miniature tree or poinsettia on a side table, will brighten even the most barren patio (remember to keep the latter out of reach from your pets). Or, go all out and give your backyard trees and bushes the same holiday illumination you give to the front.

Winterize Your Landscape

Speaking of bushes and trees, the dead of winter doesn't mean living with dead landscaping as well. Potted miniature pines are a great accent that aligns with the festive season. Plant pansies or snapdragons to give your flower beds color in the winter. Don't want to plant until spring? Pull out the old plants and lay down a winter mulch to give those empty beds some pop. And be diligent about keeping your yard clean—you can achieve a seasonal, golden brown glow with your dormant grass if you keep it free from fallen leaves and debris. 
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