7 Tips for Managing the Stress of Moving to a New Home

  • Denise Graves
  • 09/28/17
You finally close on your dream home, then the reality of moving sets in. From the packing and unpacking, to uprooting your life and ushering change, the excitement of moving can also bring on a lot of stress and worry. What can be done to make the transition less overwhelming? Here are tips for managing stress and making the most of this new chapter of your life.

1. Prepare Your State of Mind

Whether moving was part of your vision plan or not, adopt a positive attitude. Leaving your comfort zone can be scary, but moving is also an opportunity to start anew. Stay positive and focus on all the good that can come your way, such as meeting new friends, gaining new experiences, and building a more rewarding life.

2. Get Organized

Organization allows you to plan ahead and avoid common mishaps during your move. Make a list of all tasks that need to be done, then set a generous timeline for yourself and your family. This is also a good time to purge your belongings. Ridding your home now of unnecessary items will make your transition more efficient. Clear the clutter by separating your things into three piles: Keep, Donate and Toss. If time allows, hold a garage sale and make a profit from your unwanted items. 

3. Ask For Help

Don't hesitate to reach out to family and friends to lend a hand with packing and unpacking. Nearly everyone has been through a major move, so they will understand how challenging your situation may be. Hosting a packing day with your close circle is also a great way to spend time with one another, if you're moving a great distance. 

4. Hire Professional Movers

If you have the budget to spare, go ahead and hire a reputable moving company to entrust with your belongings. A professional moving company may also provide a packing service, saving you lots of time, energy, and, you guessed it, stress. Give yourself the proper amount of time to research licensed and insured movers and to request estimates before making a decision.  

5. Research Your New Neighborhood

Being prepared will make you feel more confident about moving. Do the research and learn as much as you can about the location. Find out where the schools, malls, hospitals, best restaurants, and what there is to do on the weekends. 

6. Make New Friends But Keep the Old 

Leaving a place does not mean leaving the people in it behind. Before you leave, mark your calendars and make concrete plans for reunions and get-togethers. Knowing you’re still keeping ties is a great way to positively deal with a long-distance move. Once you’ve moved, introduce yourself to your new neighbors and begin building connections can be very rewarding.  

7. Take Time to Relax

With so many things to do on your moving checklist, spare time for relaxation is often overlooked. Be sure to allot time for yourself to enjoy adequate rest and to eat healthy meals on time. You can also plan a few evenings with friends, or a relaxing trip to a local spa.  

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