Accent Colors to Make Your San Antonio Living Room Pop

  • Denise Graves
  • 10/6/20
Your living room is one of the most important places in your home—it’s the space where you get cozy, relax, and spend quality time with family and friends. The following 6 accent colors— inspired by the beauty of San Antonio as well and its surrounding neighborhoods—will help make your living room a more vibrant place so you can share more of these great moments with your loved ones. 


Taking inspiration from one of the main colors featured on both the Texas flag and the San Antonio flag, red is sure to bring a lot of vibrancy and excitement to your living room. Red is a very bold color that is sure to catch the attention of everyone who steps into the room. If your room features a lot of white or other natural tones, a red couch, chair, or cushions will stand out against it and bring the entire room together. If you’re looking for a color that will add a big pop of personality and energy to your living room, this is the right color for you. With red, less is more—even one or two accents can create the effect you’re looking for. For example, look at San Antonio’s Torch of Friendship, or Antorcha de la Amistad. This stunning piece of artwork sits in the middle of the city, where its deep shade of red captures the eye of all who visit it.


Influenced by the beauty of San Antonio’s surrounding neighborhoods, such as Shavano Park, Anaqua Springs, and Sonoma Ranch, green is an accent color that will add light to your living room. San Antonio and its surrounding area are well known for their nature and greenery. Green is also abundant at some of our local event centers, such as the Cypress Falls Event Center in Wimberley. This event center is known for its weddings and other once-in-a-lifetime events. They utilize the color green—which can be found all around the creek the center sits on—to give their weddings a stunning but natural feel. What better way to bring this sense of nature into your home than to add green accents to your living room? Whether it’s throw pillows or picture frames, green is sure to give your room a fresh and serene look. Since it’s a tone found in nature, green pairs very well with and brings life to neutral colors. If you’re a plant lover, green will look wonderful with any plants you own or plan on getting for your living room. 


The San Antonio River is one of the most exciting and well-known places in San Antonio—the city has been given the nickname “The River City” because of it! On the riverwalk, you’ll not only see the gorgeous waters, but boutiques, cafés, shops, and restaurants. Bring the magic of the river home with you by using the color of the water in your living room! Blue is the perfect color if you’re looking to add a refreshing and peaceful accent to your space. One of the perks of the color blue is that it works well with many other colors that you may already have in your home, such as white, black, brown, yellow, gray, and more. The use of blue as an accent color can be seen at Dripping Springs shops such as the Deep Eddy Vodka Distillery. This distillery is known for creating various unique flavors of vodka, such as peach, sweet tea, cranberry, lemon, and more. They use blue for their logo, the distillery’s interior, their cupboards, and the bottom portion of the bar. Their use of blue creates a fun, exciting, and inviting space for all of their patrons to enjoy. While your living room is obviously a much different environment than a distillery, the feelings the color blue evokes are ones that most would love to bring to their home. Depending on the shade of blue you choose, it can evoke different kinds of positive feelings. For example, a pale or softer blue can give your living room a more calming and relaxing feel. If you choose a brighter blue—similar to the color used at Deep Eddy Vodka Distillery—it can make your room feel bright and energizing. Choosing an accent color depends on the environment and emotions you want to cultivate in your living room, and blue is a versatile color that gives you lots of great choices.


Another color featured on the famous San Antonio river walk is yellow. This stunning color lights up the city and water by the river at night. During the holiday season, from around Christmas to New Year, the city even throws a festival of lights. Another event you can attend in San Antonio is the Water Lantern Festival, where you can see beautiful yellow lights brighten up the entire river. Yellow is not only the color of light but also the sun—the largest and brightest light in the sky. For your living room, consider adding yellow accents to bring some of the brightness of the city right into your own home. The color yellow is often associated with happiness and joy— which is perfect for your living room, where you share many of life’s happiest moments with the people you love. This color can instantly liven up any room as well as give it an inviting and welcoming feel. Another plus is that yellow matches and contrasts well with many colors, such as black, white, blue, gray, and other neutral colors. 


Another vibrant color to consider for your living room is orange. Similar to yellow, orange is a bright color that can add radiance to your room. This color evokes feelings of warmth—a feeling that every living room strives to create. Orange is also a strong color, meaning that even just a few orange accents can bring a lot of personality to your room. Some pieces to consider for your living room are orange flowers or wall art. Don’t be afraid to get creative! 


A modern, unique, and possibly unexpected accent color choice for your living room is black. Similar to red, black is a bold color that can make your living room pop. I was inspired by Treaty Oak Distilling’s décor for this color choice. A local distillery in Dripping Springs, Treaty Oak Distilling is named after a 500-year-old tree in Austin, Texas and is known for its bourbon, rye whiskey, and gin. Black accents can be found throughout the distillery’s eatery, which is known as Alice’s Restaurant. They have lots of black chairs, booths, and wall décor that complement as well as stand out from their wooden accents. Even their bottle labels are all in black! The effect this has is one you might want to recreate in your own living room if you’re looking for a more contemporary feel. Black goes with almost everything, so it’s perfect to pair with your favorite colors without having to worry about if they will match.


Are you looking for a color directly inspired by your city? Well, you’re in luck. Benjamin Moore created a collection called America’s Colors, which are all inspired by the USA’s most popular areas—so naturally, there is a color just for San Antonio. Named after the city, Benjamin Moore's San Antonio Gray will make your own San Antonio living room pop! The color was specifically designed to feel welcoming and warm—just like the area it was inspired by. While gray is a more neutral tone, it’s a color that will bring more warmth to your living room. If the colors featured in your living room are already bright, then this may be the perfect accent shade for you. Even if your room already has a lot of neutrals, gray can bring a sense of calmness and coziness to your living room. 

Discover the Colors of San Antonio

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