Trends in Luxury Home Kitchen Design

  • Denise Graves
  • 10/1/18
Kitchens tend to be one of the most used rooms within a home, so it comes as no surprise that interior designers stay apprised of current trends in luxury home kitchen design. In fact, according to the National Association of Home Builders market index survey, 80 percent of home remodeling projects are kitchen oriented. This is particularly true within luxury homes, where owners desire the most innovative fixtures and appliances to complement an ultra-modern look. Here are some trending kitchen upgrades.

Upscale Kitchen Cabinetry Installations

Cabinets are a culinary enthusiasts best friend concerning staying organized in the kitchen. However, within luxury homes cabinets also must be aesthetically pleasing and set the design motif for the rest of the kitchen. Today, European-style frameless cabinetry is one of the hottest trends homeowners are asking for. With no doors or facing attached to the front of the cabinets and no center style diving spaces, frameless cabinets are simple, yet sleek and allow easier access to stored items. Designers are also seeing homeowners lean towards task lighting throughout cabinetry to add a bit of pizzazz in what is often a utilitarian space.

Chef Quality Appliances

No modern luxury kitchen is complete with top-notch chef quality appliances that outshine traditional options. Out with the basic convection oven and in with smarter ovens with convection and steam cooking options. Steam ovens allow foods to retain more moisture, nutrients and flavor and can cook a 15 pound turkey to juicy perfection in a mere hour and a half.

Of course, sub-zero refrigerators have been the hottest trend in luxury kitchens and show no signs of losing their top spot. However, newer models now allow homeowners to set up separate cold storage solutions to meet their needs. Smart technology makes it easy to use the refrigerator for much more than just food preservation, and many are using luxury refrigerators as secondary wine storage and even as humidors.

Elegant Multi-Purpose Sinks

The kitchen sink is one of the most utilized areas in the kitchen, so it only stand to reason that this fixture should be of the highest quality while serving a variety of functions. A must have in luxury kitchens today are pull-out kitchen faucets where the primary spigot can be quickly pulled out to be used as a sprayer. Concerning materials, stainless steel sinks are falling to the wayside in popularity, while stone based sinks are in high demand for modern kitchens. Many owners are opting to match their countertop material in sink installations while others are opting to use the space for a contrasting look.

As long as people join together over meals and cooking, a homes kitchen will remain the most used room in anyone's home. And a luxuriously updated kitchen design will not only assist will a homes resale value, but will give the homeowners a feeling of luxury living.


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