Ways to Boost Your Boerne Home’s Curb Appeal in a Weekend

  • Denise Graves
  • 05/17/21

Easy Tips and Tricks for Sprucing Up Your Home

So, you want to upgrade your home but only have a weekend? While that might sound crazy to some, it’s actually doable! Home improvement projects don’t have to be drawn-out, expensive experiences. It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of time, effort, and elbow grease. Let us show you how it’s done.

Paint Your Front Door

Your front door doesn’t have to just be functional. Make it more eye-catching with a fresh coat of paint! A freshly painted door looks inviting and put-together. Consider a bold, bright color to really make a statement. Yellows, oranges, and purples (to name a few) are way more exciting than predictable neutrals. They also show less wear and tear. So grab that paintbrush and get bold with it!

Swap Out Your Doormat

After you’ve upgraded your door, look for a fun doormat to complement it. It could say something fun, or it could stick to tried-and-true neutrals. No matter the design, a doormat adds a lovely accent and says, “Come on in!” It’s also a very easy thing to purchase, both in-store and online. 

Revamp Your House Number

Your house number is functional, yes. You want it to be big enough so people can find you. But don’t just settle for function! House numbers can also spruce up a home’s exterior. Choose a sleek silver look or a dark iron. They’re a fun way to accessorize and make your home stand out. 

Update Your Mailbox

Your mailbox is one of the first things people see when they pass your home. Don’t let it look worn-down and outdated. Choose a bright color or a neutral. Adorn it with vines or plants. Or nestle it inside of a stone structure. There are so many easy, affordable ways to reinvent a mailbox. You could also replace the box itself without having to replace the post. 

Reseal Your Driveway

Another way to make your home look inviting? Update your driveway. If it’s full of cracks, touch them up with a reseal. Simply trim the weeds, fill in the cracks, and then follow a reseal guide. Your driveway will look spruced up and ready in no time!

Power Wash Your Steps

Of course, we expect outdoor walkways and steps to accumulate dirt over time. But sometimes, we don’t notice just how much dirt has gathered. Power washing is a quick and easy way to get rid of dirt and grime. Buy or rent a power washer and attack those steps. You might just realize they’re diamonds in the rough. 

Spruce Up Your Window Boxes

Window boxes have a certain charming vibe to them. They can spruce up even the most boring of windows. Plant some bright flowers and paint the boxes a fun color. Simple designs aren’t too hard to install yourself. And planning what to plant can be a fun design challenge. Check out these beautiful, bright designs

(Credit: DIY Network)

Replace Your Shutters

Window shutters can make a huge difference in how your home comes across to others. Replace broken ones and paint chipped ones. If your shutters no longer match your home, update the trim. Off-white shutters go well with a dark door. Just make sure all of the trim matches and you’re in business!

Add Potted Plants

You don’t have to plant an entire garden to add a touch of botany to your home. Invest in some large plants and planters and place them on your front entrance. Choose plants that will complement your entryway. Succulents go well with modern fixtures, while ivy pairs well with classic designs. 

Invest in Porch Furniture

Nothing says “make yourself at home” better than a comfy-looking front porch. Replace old, worn-out furniture with updated versions. Even if your front porch isn’t visible from the outside, resist the urge to let that space go to waste. Outdoor sectionals, recliners, and tables make for a fabulous entertaining spot. 

Replace the Hardware

Sprucing up your home could be as simple as replacing dull hardware with playful, unique options. Don’t settle for handles and fixtures that will tarnish over time. Consider investing in classic, good-quality hardware. Or, if you’re feeling inspired, check out antique shops. Vintage hardware can work on even the most modern of homes if done correctly.

Don’t Forget Your Garage Doors

Another easy way to coordinate your home is by updating the garage doors. Paint them to match your front door or trim, or experiment with wood exteriors. If painting is too much for a single weekend, don’t worry! You can simply upgrade the garage door handles to make for a more interesting exterior. Magnetic handles are a great DIY solution. 

Try Outdoor Art

You don’t have to be an artist to welcome art into your space. Outdoor fountains and sculptures add an ethereal element to homes and will impress passersby. Go for a large, ornate one, like this. Or keep it modern and sleek, like this. The trickling water will add a level of serenity and zen to your space. Bird feeders are also a great option because they’re visually attractive and invite stunning birds to your property.

Update Your Garden

If you have a garden in your front yard, make sure it’s in top shape. Trim the hedges, remove weeds, and keep flowers watered. A bold, beautiful assortment of plants and flowers will elevate a home’s exterior and give you a fun hobby to work on. If you don’t yet have a garden, consider starting one! Plan your design, and then head to a local gardening shop. They’ll know what blooms will work best in your area and how to care for them. 

Install New Lighting

You want your home to look friendly and welcoming, even at night. Install some lights along your front walkway to make a clear path for visitors. No walkway? Update your porch lighting. Fixtures are relatively easy to replace and can change your home’s design aesthetic. From modern to vintage to farmhouse, there’s a look for every style.

Opt for Arbors

Arbors are a beautiful way to add depth and texture to your home. Choose an arbor and place it in front or to the side of your home. You can decorate it with fun lights or stately vines. They add a pristine finish to any home. 

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