5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Backyard

  • Denise Graves
  • 09/16/19

Does Your Outdoor Space Require a Little Tlc? Give It the Attention It Deserves With These Five Simple Updates

A great backyard adds unparalleled value to a home. Beyond its primary purpose as a way to enjoy the outdoors, it serves as a continuation of your living space, providing extra room to eat, entertain, and partake in a hobby or two.

It's little wonder that homeowners are always striving to make a great outdoor space even greater. Here are five simple ways to give yours an upgrade.

1. Fancy Up Your Flora

If the view from your patio is uninspiring, you can dress it up by enhancing your plant life. First, clean up what you do have—trim overgrown bushes and shrubs, lift the canopy on any trees, rake up dead leaves, and yank out any weeds. A simple spring or fall cleaning will do wonders for your yard.

Don't stop there. Potted plants placed at strategic points brighten up the landscape while adding depth and volume. Have a green thumb? Incorporate an herb or vegetable garden into your outdoor space.

2. Diy Fire Pits

Fire pits are one of the quickest ways to improve your backyard, breathing life—and a little warmth—into an otherwise mundane space. From a basic stone kit (which you can purchase at a local hardware store) to more elaborate in-ground gravel pits or those with built-in seating or with cooking in mind, there is a ton of variety.

What makes the fire pit such a great addition is that you can start small and expand as your space and budget allows.

3. Palettes That Pop​​​​​​​

If it seems an entire cottage industry has sprung up around the use of palettes, you're not mistaken. Wooden palettes are a home designer's dream, as they're versatile, cheap, and easy to work with, providing the base for all kinds of projects.
Commonly used as a patio coffee table, pallets demand that you let your imagination run wild. Convert them into wall art, outdoor seating, bars, or vertical gardens. They can even serve as housing for a fire pit. 

4. Creative Lighting

Do you have a patio, balcony, or backyard seating area that gets a bit scary when it gets dark? Illuminate the scene with simple lighting solutions to set a mood and keep the outdoor fun going long into the night.

String lights add a festive touch that is equal parts classy and casual. Lanterns are versatile, as they come in numerous styles and prove easy to shift around based on your lighting requirements. Solar path or bollard lights infuse your walkways and seating areas with a gentle, dramatic glow.

5. Define Your Spaces

Let's face it, aside from the occasional grilled dinner, we sometimes forget to use our backyard to its fullest potential. Don't fail your home's outdoor extension.

Create defined spaces: cooking, conversing, and eating, along with areas for hobbies and play. In most cases, you can achieve this with furniture and accessories you already own (with colorful pillows or rugs the only add-ons requiring purchase). Even small spaces can get in on the act by adding inexpensive pavers or gravel to enlarge an established area or create new zones. 

Are you ready to upgrade to that perfect South Texas backyard? Or find a blank slate to stamp with your own personal style? Contact Denise Graves today and let her be your guide to the best San Antonio and Hill Country luxury real estate.


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