Open House Tips for Sellers Who Want to Host the Perfect Showing

Open House Tips for Sellers Who Want to Host the Perfect Showing

  • Denise Graves
  • 10/2/23

With vibrant communities, an amazing culinary scene, and a relaxed lifestyle, it's no surprise that San Antonio is among the fastest-growing cities in America. The sprawling city has a rich history, beautiful architecture, and some of the nation's most famous attractions, including The River Walk, Six Flags Fiesta, and the Natural Bridge Caverns. Popular neighborhoods range from gated communities to residential districts with homes that include townhouses, condos, large single-family homes, and luxury estates.

While the area is highly desirable among home seekers, the market is complex. An open house is one of the best ways to showcase everything your property offers. However, without the proper planning and preparation, you may not get the results you're hoping for. These tips can help you plan and host a flawless open house.

The basics of your successful open house in San Antonio

It's almost a certainty that buyers will view your listing online to learn about the details of your property. However, an open house is a physical event that lets home seekers get an up close and personal view of everything your home offers. Here’s a breakdown of the basics:

Setting a date

When planning a schedule for your open house, it's essential to consider how you can make it most convenient for shoppers. Typically, open houses are scheduled on Saturdays or Sundays during mid-morning or afternoon. These are the times that home seekers are most likely to be out of work and most active.


Like your listing, there are many ways to advertise your open house. Everywhere you advertise your home sale online should also include information about your open house. Post your event date along with your listing on real estate sites and your MLS listing. Share information about your open house on local networking sites like Nextdoor and social media.

However, you shouldn't restrict your marketing efforts to online channels. An open house is a local event that community members will recognize. Engage in local marketing by posting signs in your yard and around the neighborhood and putting up flyers at local businesses.

Home preparations for an open house

Even if you've deep cleaned your home in anticipation of attracting buyers, there are additional steps you should take to prepare. The following open house tips for sellers can help you make a great impression on every guest visiting your event.

Create an optimal environment

For buyers to actively engage with your home, they'll need to be able to envision it as their future residence. You can take steps beyond routine cleaning to help make this happen. Home staging is the process of de-personalizing your home and decorating it in ways most likely appealing to a wide range of buyers. Over 80% of buyers' agents say staging a home makes it easier for the buyer to visualize the property as a future home.

You can start by removing all clutter from your home and avoid leaving personal items like photos, toys, and books out in the open. If you haven't already, consider painting walls in neutral colors that make the most of natural light. Place unused towels on racks in kitchens and bathrooms and "guest" linens on beds to give your property a show-home appeal.

Make plans for your pets

This is a concern that sellers often overlook. Even if you have the most well-behaved pets on the planet, a home full of strangers could make them nervous. Friendly pets can distract buyers and cause concerns about how they affect your home. If possible, pets should be outdoors or away from the premises during an open house. Another option is to set up a room or basement space where your pets can hang out for the event. However, this can limit touring possibilities for potential buyers.

Showcase your home's best features

Staging a home is about more than promoting clean surfaces so buyers can see the details of your home. You can enhance the effect by adding touches that sell the home's top features and great location. For example, artwork and decor that echo the majestic views and exciting activities in the Alamo City can help reinforce the area's attraction. Similarly, creating focal points with decorative items can draw attention to some of the home's prime features.

Make the event about the buyers

When you have a fantastic property you're eager to sell, it can be tough to stay in the background when prospective buyers are touring. Yet, when you're present, buyers may feel the need to be overly polite and avoid asking questions about the home. Even worse, they could limit the amount of time they spend in the house and fail to see everything your property has to offer.

Before the event, prepare your home for buyers. Turn on the lights, put on some soft background music, and put out snacks. When your open house starts, you should stay out of the way so potential buyers can freely tour the home. You can stay in the vicinity to answer any questions that arise but avoid situations that could make buyers feel pressured or distracted.

Finding the right realtor for a seamless open house

An open house is a beautiful way for potential buyers to see everything your property offers. Yet, this type of event requires significant planning, marketing, and preparation. When you partner with Denise Graves for your San Antonio home sale, you get the advantage of working with a successful realtor familiar with the region and local housing market. The Graves Group has been in the Top 10 of the Top 25 Real Estate Teams (SABJ) since 2005 and sets the standard for real estate in San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country. Learn more about how Denise can help you with your San Antonio open house and the other aspects of your home sale.

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