8 Home Remodel Tips for a Successful Renovation

8 Home Remodel Tips for a Successful Renovation

  • Denise Graves
  • 01/6/24

While the Alamo City is widely known for its entertainment venues, wide open spaces, adventurous trails, and foodie scene, houses in the region are equally as enchanting. Homes in San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country range from townhouses, condos, and ranches to luxury estates and new builds. If you're preparing to sell your San Antonio home, you may want to take on remodeling projects to increase your listing price and help you stand out in a competitive market. Before embarking on renovations, it's important to make plans that will help you stretch your budget and streamline the process. These professional remodeling tips from The Graves Group can help you reach your home renovation goals.

Money-saving tips for your renovation

Due to the fluctuating costs of building materials, poor planning, and unexpected defects, remodeling projects often exceed their intended budget. In fact, 31% of homeowners went over budget on recent remodeling projects.

1. Use your budget as a planning guide

Before determining the scale of your renovations, set a specific budget for how much you'll spend. Use your budget to define the most important projects and which ones you should avoid.

For example, hardwood floor replacement and refinishing yield a return on investment (ROI) of over 100%. However, if those projects don't fit your budget, you can choose smaller projects that still have a big impact. Minor kitchen and bathroom remodels can substantially change the appearance of frequently used rooms, and painting your entry door and shutters can improve your home's curb appeal.

2. Determine which renovations you can complete on your own

DIY renovations aren't for everyone, but if you have a few power tools and some experience, you may be able to complete minor projects on your own. For example, you could paint your walls in a neutral shade likely to appeal to a wide range of buyers and install new window treatments. If you have plumbing experience, you can update bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Homeowners handy with carpentry tools can install crown molding, replace cabinet doors, and install a new front door. Even if you have minimal experience in home repair, you can take on projects like cleaning the gutters and power washing your home's exterior walls and decks.

3. Hire an experienced professional for large projects

While this might sound like it will cost you money, knowing your limits can help you save. Major remodeling projects that affect plumbing and electrical or structural systems should be left to the professionals. If you begin a project you can't finish or make a mistake, it could cost you more for repairs than the cost of the original project.

4. Use recycled materials

Since contractors often have to over-order to avoid running out of materials, many projects yield excess unused materials. Such goods are sent to different organizations to be purchased for smaller building projects. Finding unused or gently used recycled goods can cut costs on building materials needed for your project.

Tips for a smooth renovation process

Home remodeling projects can be exciting to take on, but they require a lot of work and patience to complete. To avoid unexpected hurdles during the process, taking certain steps before beginning your project is essential.

1. Devise a clear plan

A vague plan like kitchen updates or a whole home refresh could quickly become a massive undertaking that costs more time and money than you anticipated. Before starting or choosing items you'd like to replace, sit down with a calculator and price list to devise a precise remodeling plan. For each renovation to be completed, list the cost of materials, tools, and labor. If you can't find these prices on your own, speak with a few local contractors to learn more about the projects you're most interested in.

2. Get the proper permits before you begin

Most cities and local governments have regulations pertaining to home improvements. San Antonio is no exception. The city department requires all new home builds and residential remodels to follow adopted building codes to ensure safety. Taking these steps before starting construction can help you avoid fines and penalties.

  • Contact the city of San Antonio to learn about the permits you need.
  • Make sure your contractor is registered with the city.
  • Contact your HOA or community board to learn if there are any restrictions on renovations or other requirements you must adhere to.

3. Remove clutter

Remodeling projects require tools, large-scale building materials, and a team of builders. They can also get quite messy. To protect your belongings and make the job easier for everyone involved, removing as much clutter as possible is essential. You aim to create as much free space within the work zone as possible. Clear all flat surfaces of items that can get knocked down or broken. Remove photos and artwork from the walls. You can even move furniture to one side of the room or store it until the project is finished.

4. Define a realistic schedule

Even small remodeling projects can take more than a day to complete. Before you get started, it's crucial to understand how long the project will take to complete. In some cases, making plans to stay elsewhere during a remodeling project is a good call. For example, a major kitchen or bathroom renovation could require having your home's water supply turned off overnight or for more than one day at a time.

Get localized remodeling tips from a professional realtor

Real estate agents know everything about listing and selling homes. They have professional knowledge about the local market and what buyers are seeking. This information makes them an excellent resource for making changes to your home before a sale. An experienced local realtor can advise you on what new features and upgrades will most likely interest home buyers. They may also be able to provide information about local permit regulations and highly regarded local contractors.

If you're planning to sell a property in the San Antonio or Texas Hill Country area, Denise Graves can help. With over two decades of working in the area, she has extensive experience assisting local homeowners to stage, market, and sell their homes. Get in touch today to learn how Denise can help you prepare for your home sale.

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