Texas Land Valuation: A Guide to AG Exemption

Texas Land Valuation: A Guide to AG Exemption

  • Denise Graves
  • 02/27/24

Unlocking the tax secrets of AG valuation for Texas landowners.

Moving to Texas and acquiring land opens up a world of possibilities, especially if you're sitting on six or seven acres or more. A common query among new landowners is how to leverage agricultural (AG) valuation, a beneficial financial aspect of Texan property ownership that might seem complex at first glance.

In Texas, property taxes are levied on your house and any improvements, typically excluding an acre of the total land. However, for the remaining acreage, you could apply for an AG valuation, effectively reducing the taxable value of your land significantly. It's a misnomer to call it an exemption; it's more accurately a valuation adjustment for lands dedicated to agricultural use.


"Embrace this opportunity to make the most out of your Texas land."


Securing an AG valuation is surprisingly straightforward. Activities you might already be doing, such as enhancing the natural habitat through watering, feeding, and providing shelter, can contribute to meeting the criteria for this valuation. The key date to remember is April 30th, especially if you've recently acquired property already under AG valuation or if there's been a name change due to trust formation or other reasons. Failure to apply or report by this date could result in losing the valuation benefits.

While exploring AG valuation, you might also consider transitioning to a wildlife exemption, although this requires an existing AG exemption as a prerequisite. Transitioning involves a more detailed process and a commitment to wildlife management practices.

For those unsure where to start, professional services like Plateau Land and Wildlife Management offer consultations and management plans. For an initial fee, they can assess your property, advise on qualifying activities, and even draft a comprehensive wildlife management plan if you choose to transition to a wildlife exemption.

Besides the obvious tax savings, pursuing an AG valuation or a wildlife exemption encourages property owners to engage in sustainable land management practices. It represents a unique opportunity to contribute positively to the Texas ecosystem while reaping financial benefits.

For anyone new to Texas land ownership or considering AG valuation, reaching out to experts like Plateau Land and Wildlife Management can demystify the process. They offer invaluable insights into maximizing your land's potential, ensuring you not only enjoy tax savings but also contribute to conserving Texas's rich natural heritage.

Embrace this opportunity to make the most out of your Texas land. Whether through AG valuation or wildlife management, the benefits extend beyond financial savings, enriching both your property and the broader ecosystem.

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