Buying a Home in Cordillera Ranch

Buying a Home in Cordillera Ranch

  • Denise Graves
  • 05/8/23
Buyers have a lot to keep track of when hunting for a home. Where should they buy a house? How much is it going to cost? Are there ways to save money? Fortunately, with a little foreknowledge, buyers can enjoy a simple, stress-free buying experience. Below is everything a person needs to know about buying a home in Cordillera Ranch, Texas.

Why Should You Buy a House in Cordillera Ranch?

Something for All Ages

Cordillera Ranch is a great place with much to offer to all ages and generations. One of the top educational districts in Texas, the Boerne Independent School District makes the area ideal for families with children. The neighborhood also boasts various fun activities, such as golf schools, summer camps, and kids’ camps, for the youth to enjoy. There are many outdoor things to do for adults and kids, including hiking, biking, and kayaking. Retirees can also find a place in Cordillera Ranch, participating in golf, fishing, fitness classes, and more.

The Housing

The properties which make up Cordillera Ranch are spacious, with a selection of lots from a fourth of an acre to over ten acres. Some of the best builders in the region have worked to bring quality craftsmanship to the houses. The architectural styles include old-world Mediterranean, transitional contemporary, traditional Texas Hills Country, and Tuscan villas. Many of the properties overlook the Guadalupe River, a golf course, or spectacular views of woods and hills.

Luxury Amenities

Full of upscale, resort-style amenities, Cordillera Ranch has something for every resident, no matter the hobby or interest. The community has seven available clubs, which are centerpieces of the neighborhood and available under a single membership. These clubs include the golf club, spa, athletic club, rod and gun club, river club, equestrian club, social club, and tennis and swim club.

3 Great Neighborhoods in Cordillera Ranch

Cordillera Ridge

At the highest point in the area sitting at 1,570 feet elevation, Cordillera Ridge provides private houses, with each covering multiple acres. Boasting breathtaking views of sunrises and sunsets, the community has the largest estates in the area and access to all modern conveniences.

Di Lusso Villas

A short walk from the clubhouse, Di Lusso Villas combines luxury and simplicity, creating a charming neighborhood with gorgeous views. Built using beautiful designs and top-quality standards, all properties were constructed by Pasadera Builders, who specializes in luxury homes in the Hill Country. The neighborhood also provides remote access to home temperature control, lighting, and security through a ‘lock-and-leave’ technology.

Springs of Cordillera Ranch

This neighborhood is private and spacious, with waterfront properties and beautiful panoramic views of the Hill Country. Springs of Cordillera Ranch gives residents an anxiety-free lifestyle with homes on one to more than seven acres. It is Cordillera Ranch’s most recent private neighborhood.

What to Know About Buying a House in Cordillera Ranch

Median House Price

Median housing prices are important for home buyers because they can help them know how much money properties can be expected to sell for in the area. As higher median prices mean an overall more expensive market, changes in median prices are a good indication of whether the market is becoming less or more affordable. As of February 2023, houses for sale in Cordillera Ranch were being sold at $1,083,000 as a median price. The number has decreased by 35.5% since last year in the same period. This means houses in the area are generally more affordable.

Closing Costs

Closing costs are a collection of fees buyers, and sometimes sellers, need to pay during a housing transaction. Some of them, such as recording fees and house appraisals, have fixed prices, while others, like home inspection and title insurance, are subject to change. In general, Texas’ average closing costs are 1.41% of the property's sale price. The more expensive the house, the more expensive the closing costs.

Property Taxes

Cordillera Ranch is an outlying neighborhood of Kendall County. Kendall County has some of the lowest property taxes in Texas, with Cordillera Ranch real estate having about 1.7% property tax.

Money-Saving Tips for Buying a Home in Cordillera Ranch

Find the Best Mortgage Rate

Mortgage rates are not created equal, so it can be important for buyers to know the current average rates so they have a better idea of what the competitive rates are. Some people will shop around for better mortgages from their current personal banks or online shopping, while others enlist the help of a broker. Comparing rates will usually lead to lower mortgage rates and saving money. When looking for good rates, buyers should examine the annual percentage rate in addition to the associated fees.

Use a Bigger Down Payment to Keep Monthly Payments Down

There are positives and negatives to making a larger down payment, but one positive is the decreased monthly payments. Bigger down payments lead to smaller loan amounts, lower loan-to-value ratio, less total interest, and lower mortgage insurance costs, all of which contribute to lower monthly payments on the house. This is a good thing for homeowners.

Increase Your Credit Score

Lenders are more likely to give buyers a low-interest rate for their mortgages if the borrowers have high credit scores. Home buyers can increase their credit scores by not closing their old credit cards. Older credit accounts increase the person’s credit history, thus increasing the score. If the borrower has some smaller debts, it is a good idea to pay them off in full, causing a decrease in his or her debt-to-income ratio. Most importantly, buyers need to keep an eye on their credit scores throughout the transaction, from applying for a mortgage to the actual sale. Many lenders will reevaluate the buyer’s credit before the house closes to ensure qualification.

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