7 Tips for Staging Your Home That Buyers Will Appreciate

7 Tips for Staging Your Home That Buyers Will Appreciate

  • Denise Graves
  • 01/23/18
The statistics don’t lie; staging your home brings in an impressive payoff. The research shows that sellers who invest in staging sell more quickly, for higher prices, and more than earn back their investment. As you get ready to place your home on the San Antonio real estate market, here are seven staging strategies that will attract buyers.

1. Create a Welcoming Style That Everyone Will Love.

 Nicole Schiller and Michelle Goode recommend to Apartment Therapy that sellers “remove [their] emotions and attachment from the staging project.” To make your house appealing to the widest variety of would-be buyers, go for a clean, modern style. Avoid including overly personal touches, such as family heirlooms or photos. 

2. Tell a Story in Every Room.

Potential buyers are looking to envision what their lives would feel like in your home. Help them out with staging choices that make the use of every room in your house clear. Use furniture that indicates that a room is intended for a purpose such as the  dining room, living room, rec room, and master and children’s bedrooms.

3. Let in the Light.

Strong use of natural and artificial light makes your home feel larger, more open, and inviting. Home staging expert Meredith Baer suggests in AirBnb that “Placing a mirror next to a window brings in more light, and acts as an added window when placed opposite an existing one.”

4. Define Spaces With Rugs.

Well-placed rugs help clearly define spaces, particularly when rooms don’t have physical walls, and create hallways where family members can walk between rooms. Work with an expert to choose rugs that are the perfect size for each room. At Oprah.com, Kayla De St. Jean from the HGTV show Flip or Flop suggests a space of three feet between the end of the rug and the wall to allow for a small walkway.

5. Focus on External Appeal.

Your home’s curb appeal is the initial impression your buyers get when they view your San Antonio real estate home online or when they drive up to your open house. Trim overgrown grass and tree branches, and consider repainting if the front of your home has gotten dated or worn. Professional landscaping will lead to an appealing, attractive front yard.

6. Decorate Using Neutrals.

Using neutral colors for painting walls, furniture, and even accessories will add to your home’s professional appearance and broad appeal. For example, at Real Simple interior decorator Mark Thee recommends using white towels, noting that “colored towels don’t feel spa-like and they can seem dingy and add heaviness to a space. White towels feel fresh and clean.”

7. Clean It Up.

An unclean home will put off otherwise interested buyers, even with beautiful staging. Start out by decluttering your Texas Hill real estate home of toys, books, and other knick-knacks, and then give the space a thorough cleaning. To make your home really sparkle, consider hiring professionals for a deep cleaning.

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