2 Great Reasons to Sell in the Winter

  • Denise Graves
  • 11/17/20
Part one of our Selling in the Winter series: Two key reasons to sell.
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Many people will say the best time to sell your home is during the summer, but that’s not necessarily true. If you’re considering selling, today I’m sharing two key reasons you may want to sell this winter. 
1. Less competition. Everyone puts their properties on the market in the spring and summer because it’s a little more convenient, and they think they’ll get more showings. In reality, people needing to relocate for work look during the holidays while they have time off to concentrate on it. Less competition means your home will be seen by more buyers.
2. Unique showings. Having showings during the holidays while decorations are up will accentuate some of your house’s wonderful features. It’s warm in Texas in the summer, so people are focusing on pools and outdoor areas. During the winter, people are leaving cold places for warmer climates, so placing focus on your fireplace, for example, will grab their attention. Yes, you can decorate for the holidays while your home is for sale, but tone it down so it’s not overpowering. You want buyers to be able to see the house and picture themselves living there. 
If you’re thinking about selling this winter, you may be unsure how to decide if you’re ready. Is your neighborhood a good fit for a wintertime sale? How do you find the right real estate agent to help you that time of year? To assist you with these questions and more, call a professional. 
The Graves Group is here to help; we have professional stagers, photographers, and agents who have been in the business for a long time. Stay tuned for part two in our series about selling in the wintertime! 
If you have any questions about selling in the winter or real estate in general, give us a call or send an email. We’re here to help you 24/7.


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