What’s Going on in Our Housing Market?

What’s Going on in Our Housing Market?

  • Denise Graves
  • 05/18/24

Stay up to date with the recent happenings in the 2024 real estate market!

Have you been curious about the current state of the housing market? Whether you’re planning to buy or sell, there's been a lot of news lately. Here are the details that you’d need to know.

To get a feel for where the market is at, I want to share some real experiences from our clients over the past few months. Recently, we assisted a client in relocating to San Antonio to be closer to family. They opted to go with the current interest rates without using any of the creative financing options available. They plan to refinance next year, and their lender has agreed to waive the refinance fee. They found a great home and are very satisfied.


"No matter what the interest rates are or how the housing market is performing, there are always great opportunities." 


We've also helped clients move from San Antonio to Austin to be nearer to their loved ones. About two months ago, we helped them purchase a new home, and we're now closing on the sale of their previous home near Boerne. Moreover, we've seen clients buying second homes in Fredericksburg and others looking into rental properties. 

With interest rates unlikely to drop to 2% or 3% again, many believe that rental properties will become increasingly valuable as more people are unable to afford homeownership. Some clients are buying new homes directly from builders to avoid issues with maintenance, while others are interested in older homes with unique features, such as those near pool areas. 

No matter what the interest rates are or how the housing market is performing, there are always great opportunities. Our team excels at identifying these opportunities and helping you meet your housing needs. Should you need assistance, don’t hesitate to call or email us.




Our goal is to be informative and helpful. Through our service we hope to earn your business with our exemplary level of service and extensive local knowledge of the Greater Boerne, San Antonio area. To inquire about any of our listings or schedule a consultation, please contact us.

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