Luxury Bathroom Remodels for Ultimate Relaxation

  • Denise Graves
  • 05/14/21

Trends That Will Transform Your Master Bathroom and Create Your Ultimate Oasis

Chances are, you spent a good amount of last year worrying, stressing, and wondering what to do with all that time inside. A lot of us turned to home renovation projects—living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms. But those aren’t the only rooms in your home that deserve a little TLC.
Yes, we’re talking bathrooms. You deserve to relax and feel at peace in your private space. So light some candles, start a bath, and read on to find out how you can remodel your bathroom for ultimate relaxation.

Hydrotherapy Soaking Tubs

Clawfoot tubs are classic, but they’re being replaced by hydrotherapy soaking tubs, which come with a range of luxurious functions. Choose from a heated soak, a whirlpool, or a salon spa. Each experience is customized to leave you feeling refreshed and at ease. While there’s a tub for every bathroom, flat-bottom models are on the rise. They provide a sleek, modern look without dominating the entire space. 

Smart Toilets

One way to make life a little bit easier? Invest in a smart toilet. Smart toilets are super on-trend, and they come with a variety of features. Consider one with a bidet (ooh la la!) or hands-free flushing. Some models self-clean with bacteria-killing toilet bowl lights and stick-free surfaces. They also tend to look sleeker and less clunky than standard toilets and will blend in with a modern design palette. 

Heated Floor

Picture this: It’s a chilly morning. You step out of the shower onto a warm bathroom floor and feel any discomfort immediately fade away. Heated bathroom floors are a luxury your bathroom absolutely needs. They’re environmentally conscious because the heat is contained. Many of them are compatible with a smart-home system, meaning you can connect the floor to your WiFi and adjust the temperature via a touchscreen. And many of the premium models, like this one, are compatible with any type of bathroom floor. 

Heated Towel Rack 

Heated towels bring the spa to your home. Consider one that’s big enough to heat a variety of towel sizes. A classically symmetrical, stainless steel option is excellent for a modern look. You could also choose a brighter gold with asymmetrical bars to create a somewhat artistic look on your wall. High-end towel racks vary in size and shape, so you’ll easily find one that’s right for your bathroom.

Bold Lighting

Why have regular lights when you could have big, bold, bright ones? Chandeliers aren’t just for ballrooms. Experiment with metals and sizes and designs. You could opt for a vintage pendant or a more modern glass orb. Look up at hanging crystals or “modern stardust.” Place them above the tub or in the center of the room to catch the eye and emphasize those spa vibes. 


Walking into a room that doesn’t typically have a fireplace is always an unexpected treat. When building your dream bathroom, consider mounting a wall fireplace at the foot of your tub or purchasing a free-standing model. Lounging by the fireplace is a delicious respite from everyday life and is a great way to continue relaxing after a tub or sauna soak. Plus, with so many design options, they can enhance a room’s overall look.

(Credit: Home Stratosphere)


Nothing says luxe like a bathroom covered in marble. Consider covering your bathroom floors and walls in marble. A white-dominant marble maintains a neutral look without looking washed out. You could also build an elevated marble area for your soaking tub. Placing your tub at the top of a few marble steps automatically makes for an exciting bathroom centerpiece. Marble is also the most durable material and will withstand any bathroom wear and tear. 

Shower Head Upgrade

A super luxurious upgrade? A remote-controlled shower head. These wireless showerheads are super high-tech. Adjust between water pressures and speeds without having to struggle to physically turn your shower head. They’re easy to install and will take your shower experience to the next level. They also look very sleek. Try a wide, square head for a modern finish. 


An escape. A place that’s uniquely yours for a few moments each day. That’s the luxury a sauna provides. A two-person sauna is a great option and usually comes with four to six heaters. Most are equipped with sound systems so you can play your favorite music while you relax. Cedar or hemlock models are quite common and are aligned with this year’s natural wood design trend. Find the best sauna for you and your family.

Vanity Lighting

Backlighting a vanity or mirror is a compact way to brighten a space. Backlit mirrors provide a softer light with less reflective glare than regular mirrors. The lighting also gives mirrors a cool floating look, which works well in a modern bathroom. Many of these options also act as nightlights in the dark, which means no more bumping into things when you use the bathroom at night! 


Today’s trendiest bathrooms double as small oases. Add some comfortable, homey touches to your bathroom to make it a place you can rest awhile. A chaise lounge with some fluffy pillows, perhaps? A beautiful rug to bring the room together and pad your feet? You could even mount a television or speakers to add an entertainment element. Your bathroom is part of your home, and so it should be a place you want to spend time.

“Morning Bars”

For the experience of an ultra-plush hotel in your own home, build a “morning bar.” These bars act as little nooks where you can both get ready and enjoy some relaxing treats. Put an espresso maker on the bar or install a wine fridge. After a soak in your tub, put on your silk robe, wander to the morning bar and choose your experience. Makeup with some coffee? Hairstyling with a glass of champagne? Your luxury experience awaits.

Floating Sinks and Vanities

Floating sinks and vanities are having a moment. By freeing up space between the unit and the floor, they avoid the clunky look of most full-length sinks and vanities. Today’s models are sleek, with clean lines and hidden drawers. They provide increased air circulation and create the illusion of a bigger space. Paring a floating sink with a backlit mirror is a great way to embrace modern style.
Redesigning your master bathroom can totally transform the look and feel of your en suite. If you’re looking for the perfect piece of San Antonio real estate with a stunning master bathroom, contact The Graves Group today for more information.


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