Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

  • Denise Graves
  • 09/14/21

Here are my quick tips on how you can sell your home faster.
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Let’s talk about getting your house ready to sell:

• Be sure to price your home correctly. At the beginning of the year, you could slap any price on a home, and it would sell. The market has changed; it always does. Now, we’re in a more balanced market, and that means you need to price your home correctly.

Bonus tip: You can't price your house off of how much you have to pay for a new home out of state. The buyers here don’t care; they are only willing to pay fair market value.

• Focus on your curb appeal. This has always been true, but homes that are in good condition sell faster. You need the buyer to drive up and want to live in your house. That means good flowers, clean gutters, and great outdoor furniture.


"You need to work with someone who knows your market."


• Declutter inside the house. You don’t want to leave grandma’s crochet laying out. People want to imagine that they can live there, and part of that is making sure the home is clean. We have a professional stager who can help you out with this process.

• Do the small repairs. Little touch-ups like caulking or paint can make a big deal on the house, and if you do it before going under contract, you can save a ton of money doing it yourself instead of having to hire a contractor. These small repairs really let a buyer know that you took care of the house.

• Be flexible with the showings. Some people treat their house like their castle and want to protect it. Buyers want to see a house when they want to see a house. If you turn them down, odds are the agent won’t try to show your house again. It’s important to set some boundaries of course, but try to be as flexible as possible.

• Last but not least, get in touch with a local expert. You need to work with someone who knows your market. That’s why we have “ask Denise” on the signs; we have been in your market and know it very well.

If you’re looking for that local expert, look no further: ask Denise. Give us a call, and we can help sell your home or even just answer any real estate questions you may have.


Our goal is to be informative and helpful. Through our service we hope to earn your business with our exemplary level of service and extensive local knowledge of the Greater Boerne, San Antonio area. To inquire about any of our listings or schedule a consultation, please contact us.

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