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  • Denise Graves
  • 07/8/21
A beach or lake vacation home is the perfect purchase this summer.
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It’s summer, and things are heating up. I had a wonderful time taking a trip to the beach recently, except I had a hard time finding the perfect house to rent with a pool and a golf cart. With rates as low as they are right now, it’s the right time to purchase your perfect vacation home. The popularity of VRBOs has never been higher.
Even if you don’t plan to make money from the property, your family can still use it. You could also use the opportunity to write it off as a charity gift on your taxes. There are many financial benefits to buying that second home at the beach or lake.
"It’s the right time to purchase your perfect vacation home."
We have amazing properties available that are less than a half-day drive away, and they all offer something different. If you’ve thought about getting a vacation home for your family to use or potentially rent out when you’re not using it, there’s never been a better time to buy. 
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