5 Things You Didn't Know About Boerne

  • Denise Graves
  • 08/6/19

Explore Boerne’s Rich History and Find Out Why It Makes the Community Such a Special Place to Live

Texas is known for its barbecue, live music, and wide-open spaces—but when it comes to places to visit (or live), most people only think of the big cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. While all of those cities hold an undeniable allure and are well worth a visit, smaller, more under-the-radar towns like Boerne (with a population of just over 16,000) should be on your list as well. Located around 30 miles from San Antonio, Boerne is brimming with small-town charm—and a fascinating history.

Boerne Was Named After German Poet and Publicist Ludwig Börne

In 1849, German settlers seeking enlightenment camped near the Cibolo River, which is located about a mile from modern-day Boerne. Three years later, two men named Gustav Theissen and John James mapped out the town's site and called it Boerne in honor of the German poet. (Interestingly, Boerne never made a visit to the town that bore his name.)

Its German DNA is Still Prominent Today 

Today, Boerne is home to people of many different ethnicities, but its German heritage is still on prominent display. The Boerne Village Band, which was established in 1860, is reportedly the oldest continuously operating band outside of Germany. (The singing group has received several notable awards, including some from Texas Legislature.) There are also several German community groups as well as an annual festival: Berges Fest.

Boerne is Home to the Second Oldest Courthouse in Texas 

Designed by architects Philip Zoeller and J. F. Stendebach in 1870, the regal limestone Old Kendall County Courthouse is the second oldest in Texas after the Cass County Courthouse in Linden, Texas (which was built in 1859 and has been in continuous operation since 1861). During its heyday, the courthouse was home to both the jail and court. Though the courthouse was originally a one-story building, a second story was later added. Today, a modern new courthouse is located right across the street.

Boerne Was Originally Known as a Health Haven

The area quickly became recognized for its healthy environment, and by the late 1800s, tourists were visiting Boerne in an effort to heal respiratory issues and boost their good health. After a railroad was introduced, several hotels and sanitariums sprouted up to accommodate the health-conscious pilgrims.

Boerne is a Great Place to Live

As this list has proven, Boerne is a fun and fascinating place to visit--but it’s also an excellent place to put down roots. Bursting with small-town charm, Boerne is popular both with families looking to raise children and retirees looking for a more laid-back lifestyle.

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